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BTC Monitor
If the Answer is yes then the Social-IT BTC Monitor is just for you. Easy to use windows desktop software which will give you some handy statistics which are updated at least once per second, some of these features are
So your into bitcoins?

Everyone likes a flutter now and then.

Do you sit in front of your pc to keep watching the bitcoin exchange rate wondering when you need to buy / sell?

Would you like to be alerted of a certain % rise or fall of exchange price from the bitcoin base rate you decide?

Save time to do other things instead of watching the screen?

BTC Low Price

BTC High Price

BTC Average Price

BTC Last Price

BTC Buy Price

BTC Sell Price

Server Time

Update Time

These values are taken from BTC-E one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges out there. (We may be adding MTGox also too soon)

So What else does it do?? I hear ya say. You can enter a base bitcoin rate (optional) and and also the % by which you want to be notified when the current rate increases or decreases by that %. By using this data you will then have a better idea when to buy / sell your bitcoins.

At the moment BTC Monitor only caters for bitcoin exchange rates but we are adding LTC also in a near future update.

Updates to the software are free of charge once purchased. This is a one time payment software!

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask
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Video Marketing Suite (monthly) (9986 Available)
Video Marketing Suite Pc Software

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Protect-IT Ubot Source Obfuscator
Protect-IT have have taken protection for Ubot Studio Bots to the next level and developed a feature packed Ubot Obfuscator for your ubot source code, in fact it’s the first source code obfuscator for ubot studio bots.

This will help protect your intellectual property and ubot source code by obfuscating and encrypting your source code before you compile it using Ubot Studio.

This means that your original source code NEVER has to leave your pc and if anybody ever did decompile or hack your ubot software (exe) then they would be faced with obfuscated/encrypted source code that they can not understand.

Obfuscate Variables

Encrypt UI Html Window

Encrypt Load Html

Encrypt JavaScript

Generate Junk Padding Code (on/off)

Remove Comments

For Use With Ubot Studio V4.xx or V5.xx

Encrypt UI Html Panel

Obfuscate Table Names

Debugger Overload Mode

Obfuscate List Names

Obfuscate Custom Functions

Obfuscate Custom Commands

2 PC License

This software is sold "as-is" due to the nature of the software and we do not accept refunds.
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Video Marketing Suite
Video Marketing Suite Software
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Ubot Obfuscator
Ubot Obfuscator