May we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2018.

Our Holiday Open / Close Times Are As Follows :-

December 23rd             CLOSED
December 24th             CLOSED
December 25th             CLOSED
December 26th             CLOSED
December 27th             CLOSED
December 28th             CLOSED
December 29th             CLOSED
December 30th             CLOSED
December 31st             CLOSED
January 1st 2017          CLOSED

January 2nd 2017         CLOSED
January 3rd 2017          CLOSED
January 4th 2017          CLOSED
January 5th 2017          CLOSED
January 6th 2017          CLOSED
January 7th 2017          CLOSED

January 8th 2017          OPEN

All support tickets submitted during this time will be answered in order they are received when we get back to work on 5th January 2018, there may be some delays as we will be catching up with a few weeks of tickets.  

Please do not append a reply to the ticket or submit a new one as they will go to the back of the ticket queue automatically.

If you have a managed server then you will still be able to get support for your server via our dedicated server support as usual.

All sales will still be processed as this is automated.

You can still retreieve/reset all licenses (except SEO Commander V2) from our automated licensing system (you can see the address when you log in and check the message on your screen informing you)

Saturday, December 16, 2017

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