What do I do if I can't (can not) connect to my server?

What do I do if i can not (can't) connect to my server?

Its always best to check if there is a known issue with your server / vps.  You can do this by checking our Network Issues Page in the clientarea, you can find this at :-


All issues and  updates regarding network or server issues are posted on the Nework Issues page.


If there are no network / server issues listed which relates to your server / vps then log into your contol panel and try to reboot your vps / server.  Try to connect to your server via SSH, Console (IP / Port) details can be found in your control panel) or by loging in to your Control Panel (linux servers) and pressing reboot. For windows try to connect via remote desktop and vnc (IP/Port details can be found in your control panel).  If none of the above methods enable you to connect to your server / vps then please submit a support ticket via the clientarea and we will look into your issue.

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