When do i have to pay for my dedicated server?

We Use a Pro-Rata Billing System for our Dedicated Server Sales.

Your Billing period will be fixed from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. Should your order fall on another day then proportional billing will be used.

Your invoice may differ from the stated monthly price depending on the date you order your server, as it may have part of the current months billing days on it also. For example if a service cost £31 for a month and there was 31 days in the month and you placed your order on the 19th of the month then your invoice would be for £12 + £31 (the £12 for the remaining days in the month from the 19th - 31st and the £31 for your new month (1st to the last day).) The Next month you would be billed £31 as usual for your billing date from the start to the end of the month to be paid atleast 5 days before the end of the month.

You will receive an e-mail reminder ten days before the 1st day of the month.

It is important that there is a payment cover period of at least five days before the beginning of your new month.

If payment is not made at least 5 days before the 1st day of your new month then we will suspend access to your server/service on the first day of the your new monthly period.

As soon as your invoice is paid and your account is out of arrears our system will resume your dedicated server to full working state.

A late fee will be applied to your account 3 days after your server has been suspended, service will not be resumed until all invoices are paid in full.

If payment has not been paid within 7 days of your invoice being overdue, your data will be erased and all drives wiped clean without further notice!

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