What if i want to cancel my monthly license / subscription?

Should you wish to cancel your monthly subscription then please follow the instructions below:-

1) Submit a support ticket requesting the cancellation of the product, please mention the product name and your jvzoo or paypal transaction number and the reason for cancelling.

2) Cancel your paypal subscription or preapproved payment.

You cancel your subscriptions and preapprovals by logging into your Paypal account.


To cancel your subscriptions go to your account settings, then to subscriptions.  The direct link is: https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/settings


To cancel a pre-approval you will need to log in to your Paypal account and goto:




That will allow you to control / cancel, any preapprovals that you have setup with Paypal.

3) Wait for comfirmation reply from support for your cancellation date and license termination date.

PLEASE NOTE: Any remaining days left on your license will not be refunded.
No monies will be refunded under any circumstances when cancelling a monthly subscription.

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